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Brand: Onespo
New Items for A/W

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Fluffiness and Comfort
Brand: Onespo
A/W 2014 Items

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Amekaji Spam? 
Brand: Cocolulu (Co&Lu)
A/W 2014 Collection Catalogue
Part 1

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Brand: Diable Baiser
Skull Shirt, but the black outfit’s pretty simple and nice….uh may not be great for winter though lol

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I haven’t logged in forever. I need some order in my life. But I will take the time to post a bit while I’m reading .. I hope everyone is doing alright..

Brand: Dear My Love
A/W 2014 
Toy Milk Au Lait Please 

(Milk and Lait….are the same thing…bless) 

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Brand: Diable Baiser
A/W 2014 Collection Video
Items Best for: Onee / Agejo looks

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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so i found my sister’s folder of reaction images. some real gems in here

we’ve got the classic “aggressive chicken dance”

we’ve got some “good for you” reactions

always a pleasure. we’ve got some kitties

we’ve got an unreasonable amount of sherlock

and doctor who

and, of course, supernatural

by the way, i only took a few from each TV series… she has more.

we’ll wrap this up with a few miscellaneous gems.

you’re welcome. you’re all welcome

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